Honolua Park Hike & Snorkel

The forth stop during my West Side of Maui Day Trip was Honolua Park.  Great small adventure especially if you love to snorkel. (The three parking lots closest to Honolua Bay Access Trail are highlighted with yellow on the Google map photo.)

It starts with a simple and short hike down to the rocky beach that’s totally worth a stop. On your way through the gorgeous tropical forest you’ll encounter a wide variety of Hawaiian trees including the banyan, papaya, banana, taro and coconut trees. Chances are you might also encounter some of the many wild roosters and chickens roaming around🐓🐥

Honolua Bay is a part of the Marine Life Conservation District where no fishing is allowed. The water here is usually calm as the bay is surrounded by high cliffs. This makes Honolua Bay the perfect snorkeling spot. Every day several tour boats bring tourists here for one of the best snorkeling experiences Maui offers.
Come prepared with your snorkel gear so you can begin your experience right off the beach.

The beach itself is quite rocky with no sand. It can be hard to enter the water but it’s worth the effort. The best snorkeling spot is along the rocks at the northern part of the beach. If you feel ready, swim a little farther out for clearer water and better visibility.

⁃ Please stay on the path as Honolua Park is a site of unmarked graves located in the rainforest.
⁃ Pay attention to warnings near the Honolua Bay. Refrain from entering the water if sharks have been spotted nearby or if other dangerous conditions apply.
⁃ There’re no lifeguards, bathrooms, trash cans, or showers on the beach so, please, plan accordingly.
⁃ As the shore is very rocky, our advise is to bring water shoes.

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