Makamakaole stream – 13 crossigs

13 crossings is a beautiful but quite a challenging hike as you will have to cross Makamakaole stream surprise, surprise 13 times. Lush foliage, a bubbling stream, a sweet smell of guava and ginger flowers, a small bamboo forest as well as two waterfalls make this hike a pleasant 2 to 3 hours adventure. Around 3/4 into your hike, you’ll notice the stream splitting. The right fork will lead you to a waterfall with a swimmable pool (5ft deep)and a grotto. The left fork will lead you to a smaller waterfall. Both waterfalls are nice to explore and both have pre-fastened ropes that you can use to get to the next level.


– The only place to park is on the shoulder off the Kahekili Highway. Here’re the coordinates for the parking and the trail head: (20.9583053, -156.5345747). The parking is very limited. Come early!

– The trail is not always visible or obvious. Just follow the stream and you’ll be fine.

– Non-slippery preferably non-white shoes as parts of the trail are muddy and slippery. Another option is wearing water shoes. Just watch where you step and protect your toes.

– Trekking poles are very helpful in keeping you stable while crossing the stream.

– Check the weather! The area is prone to flash floods. Don’t go if it’s rainy.

– Hike with a buddy. This’s a remote district with no cellular service (at least no Verizon). If something happens, it may take a while till you can get any help.

– Waterfall climbing is inherently dangerous. You’re climbing up wet and slippery rocks and heavily relying on a prefastened rope.

– Don’t forget to pack water and your swimming suit:)

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