Maui Tropical Plantation


Maui Tropical Plantation is definitely worth a visit. Lots of little shops, art studio and a fresh fruit stand. You can take a guided 40 min. tram tour or just walk the grounds. The view of the West Maui Mountains from here is just beautiful. Make sure to walk around to the pond and enjoy the Koi fish and ducks. You can bring some snacks or food and have a picnic or eat lunch or dinner at the Cafe O’Lei – one of our favorite restaurants on the island. They also have 2 different zip lines: one more suitable for kids and one more adventurous for adults! If you book zip lines, a tram tour and opt to dine in Cafe O’Lei your trip to this place will probably take the whole day. Without zip line adventure plan to spend around 1-2 hours there. Maui Tropical Plantation is about 25 min. drive from our condo and about 15 min drive from the Kahului airport. To book zip line and plantation tram tours check:

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