Nakelele Blowhole Scenic Hike

Nakelele blowhole in its full force

Second stop of the West Maui Day Trip is Nakelele blowhole scenic hike.

This can be a long (around 2 hours) or a short (around 20 min) hike depending on your plans. For a long hike version look for “Acid War Zone Trail” parking on Google maps. The trail will lead you to the ocean and along the cost to the Nakelele blowhole. I like this hike not just because of spectacular ocean views but also because on your way you will see strange rock formations, tide pools, a second smaller blowhole and a rugged coast with crushing turquoise waves. The only thing you won’t find are sand beaches.This part of Maui is more like Big Sur in California but much warmer.
The long hike is pretty strenuous, the trail isn’t always visible and isn’t always flat. Closed shoes with a good grip, a hat, and water is a must. If you need some physical activity during your vacation definitely go for this hike 🙂
For the shorter hike look for a “Coconut Water Stand” near Anakaluahine Gulch on Google maps. This hike is much easier but you’ll still need to climb down (and up) the rocky part of the hill. Closed shoes with a good grip is still a good thing to have.
A little bit about the Nakelele blowhole. The sight of it is impressive as the jet of water can shoot more then 50 feet up. If you want to see the blowhole in its full force you’ll need to know when high tide is. Check it here:…/Lahaina…/tides/latest

On your way you’ll see several signs warning you of Nakelele blowhole dangers. Do not ignore them, there were fatalities here with careless visitors. Stay away from the blowhole! And don’t go on the rocks between the blowhole and the ocean. The waves are unpredictable and can easily sweep you to the ocean.

⁃ Start your hike early. By doing this you’ll avoid stress of finding a parking spot, crowds and heat.
⁃ On your way back check the snack stands on the parking lot. Different kinds of bread, lemonades and other snacks are available there. One of the sellers (acid war zone trail) can even show you a trick with his trained mongooses! 🐾

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