Waihee Ridge Trail

Ocean and mountain view from Lanilili Peak.

When flying to Hawaii from the mainland you’re traveling west, which means you gain time. Usually the time difference is 2-3 hours so there’s a big possibility you’ll wake up very early on your first couple of days (at least I do).
An early morning walk on the beach is super nice but if you’re up to a great adventure you can attempt the 5 mile Waihee Ridge Trail hike. The hike usually takes about 3-4 hours. You’ll climb 1,500-feet uphill until Lanilili Peak. But what can be better then starting your Maui adventure with mighty waterfalls, gorgeous scenic lookouts, a whispering tropical forest, and a majestic ocean? This hike has it all!
Some tips:
⁃ Non slippery preferably non-white closed shoes are a must. Parts of the trail are muddy and slippery.
⁃ It’s a moderately strenuous hike that can be challenging for an unconditioned person or a young kid.
⁃ Parking is free but very limited. The trail opens at 7am and I suggest you to come that early. There’s an overflow parking lot but your hike will be much longer. Save your strength for the main attraction;)
⁃ Another benefit of starting this trail early is that you’ll avoid all mid day heat and mid day clouds that will block the view.
⁃ Use Google Maps to navigate you to the head of the trail. Google has a correct location which will lead you to a main parking lot. The drive from our condo is about 40 min.
⁃ Before you start on the trail wipe down the bottom of your shoes to prevent invasive plant seeds from spreading.
⁃ Don’t forget to pack water, sunscreen, a hat, and of course a camera.

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